AVP Resource Management

Our Construction Resource Management system automates and dramatically simplifies the process of tracking and managing a construction company’s business-critical resources. Combining asset and materials data into one, easily accessible, centralized database, these systems provide detailed information every department needs to ensure that all physical construction resources—not just tools and equipment—yield the maximum value possible.

The application covers purchase indent/orders/invoices, detailed reports, labour management, attendance/salary management,expense management and many more.


  • Restfull Webservice
  • My SQL


  • Cash Outflow Tracking
  • Stock Inventory
  • Purchase ERP
  • Offline Data Sync

Recent Works

Thraze has been involved in Order Management systems, Construction Resource web app, Hotel management,Telecom partner settlement mobile app using Ionic framework, ETL adaptors to convert switch generated cdrs to telecom downstream systems, browser based web applications built over parse.com (BaaS), large scale service request system deployed in google cloud with Mongo DB.