Purple Ironing Services

Order Management System

We have given very simple and user friendly android applications for the customers to raise requests for the laundry services. Key features include geo tagging, order tracking, order rating and agent interaction.

The request is assigned to an available nearby agent by a central co-ordinator using a web application. Web application includes various trending charts and reports of daily expenses, incomes, agent performances, tracking of leads, orders, rate cards, agent information etc. The agents are also given a different android application to track the leads/orders, geo navigation, raise orders, submit cash, expenses.


  • Restfull Webservice
  • Web Design
  • Native Android
  • MY SQL


  • Order Tracking
  • Agent Statistics Charts/Reports
  • Geo Tagging and Navigation
  • Integration with Mail and SMS Gateways
  • Integration with google push services

Recent Works

Thraze has been involved in Order Management systems, Construction Resource web app, Hotel management,Telecom partner settlement mobile app using Ionic framework, ETL adaptors to convert switch generated cdrs to telecom downstream systems, browser based web applications built over parse.com (BaaS), large scale service request system deployed in google cloud with Mongo DB.